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Wilco lança dois boxes em novembro, totalizando 97 faixas

Uma tem raridades, e a outra, sucessos

Como uma medida comemorativa do aniversário de 20 anos, o Wilco vai lançar dois boxes que reúnem 97 faixas. Um deles, intitulado “Alpha Mike Foxtrot: Rare Tracks 1994-2014″, tem quatro discos e traz nada menos que 77 faixas raras e gravações ao vivo. O segundo, “What’s Your 20″, é uma coletânea mais modesta em CD duplo do tipo greatest hits, com músicas de todos os oito álbuns de estúdio. Ambas serão lançadas no dia 27 de novembro, mas a reserva já pode ser feia aqui. Veja abaixo a lista com todas as faixas das duas caixas, sendo que há versões em vinil:

wilcoalphaAlpha Mike Foxtrot: Rare Tracks 1994-2014
1- Childlike and Evergreen (Demo)
2- Someone Else’s Song (Demo)
3- Passenger Side (Demo)
4- Promising
5- The T.B. is Whipping Me – with Syd Straw
6- I Must Be High (Live)
7- Casino Queen (Live)
8- Who Were You Thinking Of (Live)
9- I Am Not Willing
10- Burned
11- Blasting Fonda
12- Thirteen
13- Don’t You Honey Me
14- The Lonely 1 (White Hen version)
15- No More Poetry
16- Box Full of Letters (Live)
17- Red-Eyed and Blue (Live)
18- Forget the Flowers (Live)
19- Sunken Treasure (Live)
20- Monday (Demo)

1- Passenger Side (Live)
2- Outtasite (Outta Mind) (Live)
3- I Got You (At the End of the Century) (Live)
4- Outta Mind (Outta Site) (Live)
5- James Alley Blues – with Roger McGuinn (Live)
6- At My Window Sad and Lonely (Jeff Tweedy solo)
7- California Stars (Live)
8- One Hundred Years From Now
9- A Shot in the Arm (Remix)
10- ELT (King Size demo)
11- Nothing’severgonnastandinmyway (again) (Dave Kahne Remix)
12- She’s a Jar (Austin demo)
13- Tried and True
14- Student Loan Stereo
15- True Love Will Find You in the End
16- I’m Always in Love (Solo acoustic live)
17- Via Chicago (Austin Demo)
18- Can’t Stand It (Live)
19- Airline to Heaven (Alternate)
20- Any Major Dude Will Tell You

1- I’m the Man Who Loves You (Live)
2- The Good Part
3- Cars Can’t Escape
4- Camera
5- Handshake Drugs (First version)
6- A Magazine Called Sunset
7- Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard
8- Woodgrain
9- More Like the Moon
10- Let Me Come Home
11- Old Maid
12- Hummingbird (Alternate)
13- Spiders (Kidsmoke) (Live)
14- Hell is Chrome (Live)
15- At Least That’s What You Said (Live)
16- The Late Greats (Live)
17- Just a Kid – with The Blisters
18- Kicking Television

1- Panthers
2- Theologians (Live)
3- Another Man’s Done Gone (Live)
4- I’m a Wheel (Live)
5- How to Fight Loneliness (Live)
6- One True Vine
7- The Thanks I Get
8- Let’s Not Get Carried Away
9- Hate it Here (Live)
10- Impossible Germany (Live)
11- I Shall Be Released – with Fleet Foxes (Live)
12- What Light (Live)
13- Jesus, Etc. – with Andrew Bird (Live)
14- Glad It’s Over
15- Dark Neon
16- The Jolly Banker
17- Unlikely Japan
18- You and I – with Feist (Live)
19- I Love my Label

wilcowhatsWhat’s Your 20: Essential Tracks
1- I Must be High
2- Box Full of Letters
3- Passenger Side
4- Casino Queen
5- Misunderstood
6- Red-Eyed and Blue
7- I Got You (At the End of the Century)
8- Monday
9- Outtasite (Outta Mind)
10- Sunken Treasure
11- California Stars
12- Hesitating Beauty
13- A Shot in the Arm
14- Can’t Stand It
15- She’s a Jar
16- I’m Always in Love
17- How to Fight Loneliness
18- Via Chicago
19- Airline to Heaven

1- I’ am Trying to Break Your Heart
2- I’m the Man Who Loves You
3- War on War
4- Jesus, Etc.
5- Ashes of American Flags
6- Heavy Metal Drummer
7- Hummingbird
8- Theologians
9- Handshake Drugs
10- The Late Greats
11- Hate it Here
12- Impossible Germany
13- Walken
14- Wilco (the Song)
15- You and I
16- You Never Know
17- I Might
18- Born Alone
19- Whole Love

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